Jo joined me in June 2022 seeking to improve her marathon time after securing her place in the London marathon.  Jo is a self-confessed, non-stop, hard-working perfectionist and we worked together to build a plan that was challenging and pushed her whilst also creating time for the sacred rest day!  Jo had the race of her life in London, pacing the race perfectly and improving her personal best from 3.46 to 3.29.

Jo’s testimonial

I’m Jo and I started running (and enjoying it) during lockdown, so around the start of 2020!  I had no clue of what I was doing and randomly ran around the streets of my town. I ran my first marathon in October 2021 and scraped a GFA place for October 2022.  I wanted to do it again, but this time I decided I wanted to try my absolute best to achieve sub 3:30, so I got in touch with Vicki. 

Vicki had me sussed out in no time!  I loved exercise so much but I was doing too much of the same stuff, always high intensity. She taught me to keep easy days easy, and to save my energy to push to the limits on hard days and to take a rest day each week. This was weird for me at first, but once I got into it I loved my rest day, I loved my easy days, but most of all I absolutely loved seeing what I could achieve on my hard days with a fresh body!

The training was so varied and so much fun!  I’ve never enjoyed running as much as I have these last 4 months. It’s been fantastic. Vicki always believed in me, and on my bad days always managed to turn my mindset around so I believed in myself!

On marathon day 2022, when I was waiting on the start line, I knew I could achieve my goal and I trusted the process 100%. I really had to push through the last 5km, and I now know the progression runs I had in my training plan were key to believing I could push the through the pain and achieve my goal!  

I can’t recommend Vicki enough. Not only is she a wonderful coach and an amazing runner, she’s incredibly personable and such a warm, lovely person!  She’s fantastic!  

Thank you Vicki for working with me to achieve my sub 3:30 goal, I got 3:29 and couldn’t have done it without you!